About the company

"AMATEG" ALS is a manufacturing company whose main field of activity includes the development, production and wholesale sale of natural preparations for maintaining the functional activity of the body systems, for enriching and adjusting the human diet, preserving and strengthening its health.

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AMATEG — quality and innovation-for the benefit of people!

The company's mission

A mission is a cause that we serve. Using the healing power of plants and the achievements of science of the 21st century, we create products that improve the quality and duration of human life.

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Technology and quality

Our own production base is located in Borisov, Republic of Belarus. This geographical location provides efficient logistics and allows you to make the cost of drugs more affordable.

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The main capital of our company is our employees. Its prosperity and further development depend on their professionalism. Therefore, we value competent specialists, both in the pharmaceutical industry ...

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"AMATEG" ALS values long-term partnerships, so cooperation with its partners is based on the following principles ...

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Our Partners

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