Multi-slag candy “ZERNE” in glaze 40g


Molasses, assorted grains (buckwheat groats, corn groats, sugar, salt), confectionery glaze (powdered sugar, non-tempered lauric cocoa butter substitute (refined deodorized hydrogenated fractionated palm kernel oil, emulsifiers sorbitan tristearate and soy lecithin), cocoa powder, emulsifiers soy lecithin and E476, flavoring vanillin), coconut oil.

Nutritional value per 100 g of product (average values):

– proteins – 5.5g,
– fats – 6.5g,
– carbohydrates – 71g.

Energy value (caloric content):

1530 kJ / 365 kcal.


Multi-ZERNE candy in glaze is an exquisite pleasure, which includes a mixture of cereals, namely assorted grains.

Multi-ZERNE candy in glaze is love from the first bite!

You taste a piece and just drown under a wave of incredibly rich taste.

Do you know what thought comes to mind when you first tried it?

“HOW can this candy consist of cereals?”

Discover the amazing combination of taste and benefits hidden under a delicate layer of glaze. Convenient to take with you, easy to open, so great to enjoy!

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